Why You Should Give Meditating a Fair Try

I sat on a rock and meditated beside the ocean yesterday.

There’s still a part of me that wants to make fun of myself for even writing that sentence.

For years I tried to meditate always kinda knowing it was good for me but never really feeling “successful” at it so I just kept giving it up. I had this idea that I had to get “good” at it in order for it to be of any use to me.

I also kinda thought I was “trying” to be somebody else when I did it; someone I might enjoy making fun of.

It wasn’t until I made a major mistake in my life that almost cost me a lot of things that I love that I started meditating almost everyday.

I did it because I knew I had to. Not really sure why I had to do specifically that, but I just knew I needed to change something in my brain and I felt like meditating would do at least something good.

So, I started with an app- called Headspace with ten minutes a day. After 30 days of 10 minutes a day I moved up to 15 and that’s usually what I do now, with the odd longer guided meditation thrown in there. Sometimes I find one online that I’d like to do.

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I always kind of thought that meditating was supposed to help you turn off your thoughts. Now I understand that it’s not really about that at all. It’s about understanding that you are not your thoughts. The voice in your head is not the core of your being, and you can learn how to stop taking it so seriously.

Meditation helps you create more space in between your thoughts because it helps you release yourself from the grips of overthinking. It helps you appreciate the depth within yourself and possibly feel some kind of deeper connection to the universe.IMG_0627

I’ve always had the problem of overthinking, I think and think and think and think until I’ve come up with the most ludicrous beliefs and made-up possible situations to the point that it starts to influence my behavior.

I’m a big believer that you are the creator of your own reality and if your thoughts shape your beliefs and your beliefs shape your behavior and your behavior shapes your interactions with people in the world then its your thoughts that really have the greatest influence on your reality.

It’s not about getting good at meditating, and its not about trying to be anybody else, just because you associate meditation with a certain type of person. Meditation is a journey of self-discovery and it’s a very personal one.

It’s much deserved, YOU time. And to be honest, sometimes that 10 minutes, which is pretty easy to squeeze in, can feel like hours. It can be the most savory and delicious time of your day. Not for the actual moments that you take but for the peace it affords you throughout the rest of the day.

And consistency here really does matter because we all have some serious patterns built right down into our hardware. If you don’t consistently work on the relationship you have with your thoughts, it’s pretty easy just to slip back into the default.

This applies in SO many situations. No matter what kind of journey your on, its always easier if you can be kind to yourself on the way. If you can work on quieting the internal peanut gallery, you can stay focused on your goals and the journey you’re on.

A very helpful way to think of meditation in the beginning when you first start practicing (and it does require practice- that’s why they call it that), is just as a relaxation exercise.  We all need more time spent in true relaxation and I’m not talking about numbing and vegging out as relaxation. I mean a focused time spent in stillness with yourself.

That’s why I’ve created this free Femininity Guided Relaxation for you to try out.  I believe that as women, we could benefit from tapping into our feminine power and truthfully stillness is a very YIN or feminine quality.  So, I highly encourage you to download the relaxation and give it a try.

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Come on over to my private Facebook community Radiant & Ready with Milli Fox afterwards and let us know how you felt! In the group I share more guided meditations and other things to help you on your path of healing body, soul & mind for when its time.

I look forward to chatting with you more there!


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