What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do Next

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Let's face the facts, babes: We don't always have the answers. 

Goal setting is huge for making our dreams a reality, this we pretty much know. Let’s take a look at our goals though. What’s the common denominator between all of them? 

…Alright, I’ll tell you. 

Almost always, our goals are tied to a feeling. Even if the goal itself is physical, the why is always rooted in feeling. “I want to find more time for doing the things I love.”  WHY?  “I want to be happier.” “I want to wake up earlier and meditate.” WHY?  “I want to feel at peace.” “I’m going to make an effort to connect more with my friends.” WHY? “I want to feel acceptance.”

See what I mean?

Setting our goals and knowing that why is an incredible and necessary start to manifesting our desires, but the next step is to figure out the HOW. How to take what I want and make it happen. And the how, my loves, is not always easy! Oftentimes we don’t know the how, or we know how to start and get lost along the way. (If we already knew the how, chances are we’d have already done it.)

That is what this week’s video is all about, mamas: The How.

Check out my newest vid, “What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do Next”, where I share some physical and spiritual tips I’ve learned about discovering that next step for yourself. I won’t spoil all the details, but in essence it is about being open, imaginative, and mindful of the power within yourself. 

If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again babe: manifesting is not about magic. The power to attract your dreams into existence is tangible, real, and already within you. I promise. 


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Thanks for being here with me, everyone. We’re in this together. 


With love,



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