The Hardest Lesson I’ve Ever Had To Learn

As my friends at @forthewildfemme would put it, I had a spiritual smack down this week. 


The message the universe has been trying to send me for years finally reached not just my brain, but my heart.


Take a seat, take an exhale, and press play on this week’s video, “The Hardest Lesson I’ve Ever Had to Learn” to hear more.

If you’ve followed my content in the past, you might’ve heard me call myself a “self-help junkie”. Constantly reading, watching, listening, doing anything I could to get my hands on resources that would better me. I used to wear that title with pride, but since working with my spiritual healer my mindset has changed and to be honest, my mind’s a little blown.

The thing is guys, when it comes to whatever you’re searching for, WHATEVER is on your heart and limiting you from embodying your fullest potential, I have one thing to say: 

Stop. Seeking. The. Answer. Outside. Of. Yourself.

Now before you say “Uh..yeah Milli, I know that already?” I want you to stop and reflect. Maybe you know this is true in your mind, but do you know it’s true in your heart? Do you really embody it with your whole self? 

I didn’t before either. It’s okay. 

For me, learning this lesson was about truly believing and committing to the fact that everything I need is ACTUALLY within me. It was about understanding that being is more important than doing. 

And how do we begin to do this?

We ground. We love. We sit. We breathe. We force ourselves to detach from the constant striving toward something that we already contain.

You are whole. You are not broken. You are not a DIY self-help project. 

If you leave this feeling like you need some help processing, I’m here to help. Not as an answer, not as a “fix”, but as a support and a way to pull back the curtain on the light that’s already within.

I have two open 1:1 coaching spots for November that I created specifically for this purpose. It’s gonna be personal, intimate, and soulful. Whatever YOU uniquely need to come home to yourself and live the life of your dreams, we’ll find it together. The price is $444 and you have until the end of the month to reach out to me however is best for you to secure your spot. (Even if you’re seeing this once November has started – message me anyway because I may still have an offer for you!)

I’m also offering a $250 Voxer coaching program next month called “Manifest In A Month With Milli”! This is a much more flexible, affordable mode of coaching where you can reach into your pocket and connect with me any time of day and get your individual questions answered. If this interests you, follow the same protocol of the 1:1 Coaching and message me as soon as you can so we can get you set up. 

Let's start with the heart together, my loves.

xoxo- Milli


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