Don’t worry, your freebie is on it’s way. But I just wanted to tell you a few things first…

You’re amazing, you know why? 

Because you’re a seeker.  

You’ve decided to pursue something that is going to make your heart a little more full, so that you can live the life you were made for and give your awesomeness at it’s max capacity to the world. 

It takes a lot of courage to break old patterns and to make the choice to really put yourself first. 

This is hard work, and it’s anything but selfish.

I love this quote by Glennon Doyle, because it exemplifies what this community is all about:

“We can choose perfect and admired or real and loved”

This world 1000% needs more love in it, so let’s get rid of the things getting in your way and make your cup to runneth over, girlfriend!


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Honestly, *|FNAME|*, I’m so glad you’re here. It’s women like you that are going to change the world, so keep at this. I’m honoured to be a part of your journey, even if it’s in the smallest way.

Stay in touch! 


In case we haven’t met 😊, I’m Milli and here’s some stuff you might like to know about me: 

-Mindset & Perfectionism Recovery Coach
-Instagram dancer
-BA Psychology. York University
-Lover of all things woo-woo
-Certified Personal Trainer
-Nutritional Therapy Consultant
-Pre & Postpartum Doula
-Foodie extraordinaire
-8 years experience coaching women in taking control of their mental, physical & spiritual wellbeing. 
-Serial entrepreneur
-Owner Junior Foxes Ring slings   which grew to 6 figures in two years 
-Social media expert (grew her accounts to more than 70k followers in 2 years)

“Milli is honestly THE BEST- she is like your therapist, life coach, business coach and bff all in one. She is so straight up and real, and also super approachable” 
-Shelbi, Move Girl! OG Class 

I am obsessed with helping you help yourself. 

After battling through a childhood full of trauma, abuse and addiction, I have been able to take everything I’ve learned and turn it into an endless fire to help other women. My passion is to help women peel back all the layers of conditioning and limiting beliefs and live life as their most vibrant and embodied selves. 

This is just the beginning of the huge impact I’ve set to make, and she would LOVE to have you join me on my mission to save the world through self-love. It’s your mission too, let’s get to work! 


XOXO Milli

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