Natural Cold and Flu Remedies Safe During Pregnancy

Natural cold and flu remedies safe during pregnancy. Milli Fox, Nutritionist & Doula, Toronto-based lifestyle blogger and Youtuber. Wellness advocate for new moms.

Getting sick while pregnant sucks! As a Nutritionist and Doula, expecting my second baby, I have found a great variety of natural cold and flu remedies safe during pregnancy. Being pregnant with a cold doesn’t mean you can’t take anything!

When you are pregnant your immune system is compromised because your body is allowing a foreign life to grow inside of you! So instead of feeling like you have to suffer, you can also use these remedies to boost your immune system to help ward off illness as well.

All of these remedies are great for anyone who is not pregnant too.

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Natural cold and flu remedies safe during pregnancy mentioned:

1. Probiotics –

2. Vitamin D –

3. Zinc –

4. Bee Propolis –

5. Echinacea –

6. Elderberry Gummies –

7. Vitamin C –

8. Liquorice Root Tea –

9. Ginger & Turmeric Tea –

10. Essential Oils – (Use Code: MILLIFOX for 10% off!)

Popular remedies not safe for pregnancy:

1. Colloidal Silver

2. Oil of Oregano

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Why You Should Heal Your Cycle Before You Get Pregnant {video with free download}



Growing up my mom always told me that my period would get more difficult as I got older, because that was what she thought to be a normal part of aging as a female.  In my case, she was right.  For years I suffered from severely painful periods.  I had all the symptoms that you can think of: swollen painful breasts, bloating, nausea, intensely heavy flow, chocolate cravings, mood swings/intense emotion, loose bowels and cramps, oh the cramps!! My cramps would be so bad that for 1-2 nights of my cycle I would be rudely awoken by intense pain and I could do nothing to make myself feel better to fall back asleep.

It was at some point at 3 am, jumping back and forth between an epsom salts back and the toilet with a hot water bottle on my tummy that I decided this just couldn’t be normal.


I took my menstrual health into my own  hands and went searching for a natural answer.  Since that time, I no longer suffer from debilitating periods.  Some are a bit worse than others, because I’m still on my journey, but they are 90% better than they’ve been in years and sometimes months go by with no symptoms at all!

A symptom-free cycle, is a healthy cycle and its one of the number one indicators that you will have a healthy pregnancy! If you think about it, your period is your body’s monthly way of preparing for a baby to make your womb its home.  If that process is not functioning properly, how can your body host a healthy pregnancy?

In this video, I’ll tell you a bit more about why that is:

Do you have painful periods? 


If you do, come on over to my private Facebook community Radiant & Ready with Milli Fox and tell us what you’ve tried and found to be helpful to ease the discomfort.

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Lots of love & blessings,

Milli Fox

Nutritional Therapist & Preconception Health Coach