I am available for a variety of partnerships and collaborations. I love to work together with other like-minded individuals and companies to help further our mutual visions. If you are interested in working together on a collaborative basis, here are some ideas for what I can offer, but not limited to:

  • Ambassadorships
  • Sponsored blogs, vlogs and social posts
  • Facebook & Instagram Live videos
  • Events and meet and greets
  • Photo and video shoots
  • Other projects that will help spread our shared vision and make a positive impact on the world. All content created will be promoted with at least one Instagram story, single post or gallery. Rates will vary depending on scope of work, usage, and exclusivity, but please reach out to me with all budget levels. I would love to learn more about your objectives and figure out ways we can work together to make an impact! Contact me at

Past Partnerships:

Media Kit: