Our Two Deepest Needs

Power and Attention. “Love” and “Significance”. That’s what It's all about.

According to an ad I keep seeing, the two things we need most give to our children are attention, and power. These are obviously not the only things they need, but out of all the little cups that make up our children’s needs, power and attention require the most filling. 


The more I think about “attention”, the more it really bubbles down to love, and the more I research this idea of “power”, the more I know it to mean “significance.” Let’s work with those terms for a bit, “Love” and “Significance”.


I was really moved by this ad when I saw it, and had to do more research because I am a huge believer that we cannot optimally give to our children what we’re not also giving to ourselves. As is the case with any relationship, it’s only when we have excess that we can give to another person without taking from our own supply. Our own needs. 


So here’s the question I’m asking in this week’s vid called “Our Two Deepest Needs”, mamas: How is your cup being filled?


If you watch this week’s video and realize you aren’t filling your cups the way you’d like to, don’t worry. I’m not here to scold you, and I’m certainly not here to suggest that you stop providing for your children until you can find a new game plan. But I have a few ideas up my sleeve that might pave the way for you to provide yourself more love and significance while also managing everything else around you. 


As you’ll see in this weeks vid, I’m currently vibing with “The Empress” and her energy big time. (For those who don’t know, The Empress is a card in Tarot decks, which is a major part of my spiritual practice.) The Empress is a queen, mother, warrior, seductress, *insert any other badass elements you can think of here*. 


She fills her own cup. She makes it happen for herself.


This is something we can all be doing, ladies. This is something we all deserve to be doing. I love The Empress, and I think we all have an inner Empress that simply needs channeling to make filling our cups a little easier. 


To help us all find our inner Empress together, I’m going to put together a free training all about embracing our own “Empress Energy”. Together we’ll dive into filling up those “power” and “attention” cups not just for our little ones, but for ourselves. 


IF YOU’RE INTERESTED IN SIGNING UP FOR MY EMPRESS ENERGY TRAINING, Respond to the email you linking you to this post saying “I’m interested!”, comment on the Youtube vid, or click “Contact” from the above navigation tab and I will make sure you’re set up with all the info you need.

IN THE MEANTIME, my self-love worksheet is totally free and will get you set on the right foot to filling up that love cup. To access it, simply check out the downloads tab above. 

Power and Attention. Love and Significance. We all need both, ladies.

Cheers to filling up our cups.

With love (and significance),



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