✨ Don’t you wish you could wake up in the morning knowing exactly who are and feel confident to embody that woman without apology? 

 🎨 I want to paint a picture for you…


A life where you live in full trust 🙏

A life where anything is possible for you because you’re consciously engaged in leading, teaching, loving, creating, serving, and learning🔮 

You feel focused and you have a 🔥  fire in your belly that you can tap into anytime you need it.

You make money with ease, you breathe abundance in every breath, like air it is always flowing. 

You know how to shift from boss-mode to goddess-mode, without the shitty inner mean girl voice constantly saying you can’t, you’re not worthy, it won’t work…

You ARE the ❤️  loving, but firm, and compassionate boss that runs your own life. 

There is no more overwhelm that consumes you. You’ve got this.

You honour who you really are and you’re 100% present while rocking all the different hats you wear. 💪



A 6 week program for the woman ready to become a total bad-ass and activate her next-level self while feeling fully present and energized in her life. 

✨ Come awaken your magic! 



Well that’s exactly why I created MOVE! Girl



Hi, I’m Milli, I’m a recovering perfectionist. I used to live a life where I was constantly searching 🔍 and striving for those elusive feelings of accomplishment and success 💯. I was a perpetual over-functioner and over-achiever, nothing ever felt how I wanted it to feel. I was a self-help junkie,🤓 addicted to the idea of finding the best version of myself 💃🏿

Little did I know, I already was the best version of me all along. Enter the breakthrough: 👑 My Energy 🧝🏾‍♀️  I just  had to figure out how to tap into the unlimited power I held within my own energetic signature. Once I found my truest self, under the layers of conditioning and people pleasing, I found everything I’d ever been yearning for. Confidence, worthiness, clarity & power⚡️. 



“Wow. Where do I even start?! So much has shifted in my life since enrolling in Move Girl. I have established more of a connection with my core self; created healthy boundaries with others in my life; built on self trust and experienced several ‘Ah ha’ epiphany moments in which I could pull from the past to adjust how I move forward in the world as the truest version of myself.

I certainly got way more out of this course than I actually imagined to be possible. Milli’s multifaceted approach to re-discovering who you are, to gain clarity and the ability to move forward on your path, is a game changer.

-Erica W, Mom of Two & Entrepreneur

MOVE, Girl! is a 6-week, 6-module coaching program that offers you a step-by-step guide, using the Move Girl signature process to get back in touch with your truest, most powerful self, along with the tools to leverage that fire to manifest the life of your dreams.  



In this week we dive straight into reconnecting you with your truest self so that you can live from a place of power and integrity. Who is your inner Empress? This will be an extremely thorough discovery process that will help you connect with your strengths and release conditioning and shame so that you can have the confidence to show up authentically and be fully self-expressed in your life. We will use self-discovery tools such as Human Design to get to know you on a much deeper level.


WHat do you want?

aThis week is a multi-step exploratory process that helps you gain clarity on your deepest desires (and I mean DEEPEST) so that we can tap into their magnetism and energize your dreams into reality. We will help you get crystal clear on the powerful woman you already are and all the things she desires to be, do and have, in order to move forward with complete trust in your ability to have it all, on your terms.



WHat’s getting in the way?

 This week we dive into the inevitable hard stuff. We take a deep dive into the shadows that are currently dimming your light and muddying your energy so that we can activate the truest and most powerful you. You can’t have light without the dark, so in this module, I will give you the tools you need to shine a light on the shadows with grace and compassion. This module will help you get off the proverbial hamster-wheel of ‘to-do’s’ and should’s by releasing subconscious blocks holding you back.



WHat do you need to do?

Your new power-process. In this module I will outline the real life, big-impact skills that will help you to step back, look-up and be fully present and energized while creating the life of your dreams as the true you. Journaling prompts, daily non-negotiables and self-care routines to help you tap into that energy consistently. This week will give you agency by arming you with daily practices and ways of thinking that will help you move forward while purposefully living and enjoying your life as your next-level self. 


WHat to do IF you get off track?

Troubleshooting. This week will give you even more tools, the ones you will need when you have an off day, week or month. We know these days are coming, and while we can’t prevent them, we definitely can arm you with RESILIENCE! We will employ radical responsibility and self-leadership to give you the confidence to know that when you fall down, you can easily get back up, dust yourself off and keep MOVING and MANIFESTING in all areas of your life! 


No B.s. Manifestation 

Tying it all together. I know manifestation is a major buzzword right now, and sometimes it feels pretty cheesy. I’ve studied allll the teachers and created a powerful process that actually works, with no BS. This module outlines my unique process, that has built in safeguards against the trip-ups, so that you can magnetize the life that exceeds your wildest dreams in full flow and ease. Use everything we’ve learned so far, plus this process to ensure you NEVER feel so frustrated and overwhelmed again! 



Move Girl reminded me of who I am, without the layers of pain and misconceptions I had of myself. The program gave me permission to trust and love myself again and move forward with confidence.  Since enrolling in Move Girl, my relationships with myself and family are healthy, I feel like I can go with the flow again and I am confident that when I fall off track I have a variety of tools that will support my strength and resiliency. Simply put – I am myself again, I feel whole and I am moving forward with a lens of love and self-compassion.

If you are drawn to this program, there is a reason ! Trust that feeling and invest in you. You won’t regret it! I have participated in my share of therapy and coaching – and this is by far THE BEST!

-Amanda G, Mom of Two & Entrepreneur

Printable PDFs for each week’s homework with all the tools you need manifest the life you were made for 

Six weeks of life changing video content + 2 bonus modules 

Access to an exclusive Facebook group for team support and community




$299 VALUE


Dive deeper into your Human Design profile with me! Learn the ins and outs of what makes you, you, from the blueprint that you arrived on this earth with. Unearth areas of conditioning, and embrace areas of steadiness and strength so that you can harness your inbuilt power and become even more magnetic! 


Joy & PLeasure Masterclass:

$199 VALUE


Joy and pleasure are essential to manifesting the life of your dreams. They are also powerfully connected to your truest self.  Join coach and transformational photographer, Dragana Paramentic for a one hour Masterclass on tapping into your power in play. Dragana will teach you how to access the joyful, pleasure-driven side of yourself so that you can show up as your most magnetic and vibrant self. You’re going to absolutely LOVE Dragana’s energy!


“Honestly, I feel fantastic. I feel supported because I’ve been guided through a PROCESS– a journey– and given tools along the way that create a lasting effect on me. I feel so much more confident in myself and my desires. I feel worthy of them, rather than silly. My relationships improved because my boundaries, my goddaciousness, my confidence–they’ve all improved.

If you feel stuck, or if you feel like you’re not completely happy– JOIN. Even if you’re not sure it will help you. Make the investment in yourself and try it. Dive in. Soak up the material. INVEST yourself, for yourself “

-Naomi M. Mom & Entrepreneur




  • You are just yearning to feel whole and embodied as the truest version of you in all desired areas of your life.  💃🏿
  • You want to feel that fire in your heart, and connection to your energetic power so you can feel inspired daily and consciously manifest your dreams 🔥
  • You have big dreams, but you don’t want to be constantly hustling, forcing and striving 🙅‍♀️
  • You’re afraid that if you don’t make a big shift, RIGHT NOW, that the most important years of your life might be passing you by 😫




  • Buying houses solo ✨
  • Going for that promotion that they didn’t think they could get 🧜‍♀️
  • Meeting levelled-up life partners and going all in 💋
  • Creating their own courses and programs and launching them into the world🌙

  • Raising their prices and charging their worth 💰


My self-worth has skyrocketed”

“I have more clarity about my future than I have literally ever had before in my life”

“Wow. Where do I even start. So much has shifted in my life since enrolling”




Over the last few weeks I’ve had so much fun getting in touch with the next-level me, imaging what I’m building in this next decade of my life and starting to clear out the stuff that’s no longer serving me. It’s like I was taking myself for granted, and now I’m remembering how powerful I really am. I’m feeling so much love and gratitude for myself and the work I’ve already done. I’m so ready for more!

Each video left me feeling inspired, optimistic and supported – and with at least one major “aha!” moment.”

-Lisa Z, Mom of Two & Entrepreneur

What if I’m super busy and have small children at home?

Me too babe! I totally get that. Part of this journey is learning how to prioritize ourselves NOW instead of waiting. I offer some really great tips for this in the program but one I have for you right now is to stop waiting for someone to give you permission. Time to start meeting your own needs!

What is your official expertise and background in coaching?

I am and Evolved NLP coach- which means I use the subconscious mind to help people make lasting changes in their lives, quickly. I’m a Human Design expert and I also have a degree in Psychology, from York University. I have coached women through multiple avenues for the last decade. I was a Certified Personal Trainer, A Nutritional Therapy Consultant, as well as a Doula prior to moving fully into Mindset Coaching. I also have a lifetime full of experience in trauma recovery, personal development and energetics. I’ve studied productivity, wellness, and manifestation for the last 13 years and have read hundreds of books on everything from business and life-hacking to spirituality and healing. I’m a lifelong student!

Is this program super spiritual or is it more concrete and tangible?

 BOTH! I created this program to teach you both the concrete, real world tools that you can use to navigate your world as well as the energetic principles that also play a vital role in manifesting the life of your dreams. I don’t think we can have one without the other!

What if I don’t get through the content within the 6 weeks?

It’s ok! You have lifetime access to this program, and I wouldn’t want you to go through it only once. This is a journey and this material is a process that I want you to lean on and come back to over and over again 🙂

I really want to do this but *insert reason why the timing isn’t right here*

Welp, girl, there’s always gonna be something that comes up isn’t there? I mean I’m sure there are some truly valid reasons why this might not be the right time for you… but I want to encourage you to stretch yourself here. Ask yourself, is this reason I’m coming up with part of how I’m continuing to self-sabotage? Only you know the true answer.

I’m pretty well read when it comes to self-help and I’ve tried tons of other things to help myself before and I’m still stuck, how do I know this will be any different?

Because I’ve been you. I’ve been a self-help junkie, I’ve run in circles trying to fix my “not problem”. I’ve spent years in therapy and spent tons on spiritual healers and group programs and still found myself coming back to the same issues. This is the program to end all searching because it teaches you how to find the answers inside of yourself. This is a process that I’ve created out of years of my own trial and error on the same treadmill. This program will give you the peace and the knowing that the best you is already YOU and the tools to uncover her.



My self-worth has sky-rocketed. I am focused on my strengths rather than trying to fix what I had perceived as flaws or weaknesses. I feel empowered that what I have dreamed of is achievable and by following my human design, I have already taken steps toward my goals. 

Move Girl provides women with an opportunity to make a shift in perspective and get “unstuck” in any facet of their lives: professional, financial, personal.”

-Melanie R. Mom & Teacher (now on the Principal track)