Human Design 101

Have you seen more and more people talking about Human Design?

Are you super curious about it but have no idea where to start?

Have you downloaded your chart and just got super overwhelmed and haven’t looked at it since?

I get it.

That was me too.

And now I understand where you need to start and the most important info you need when you’re first getting into Human Design.

The potential is incredible.

Human Design has allowed me to accept myself on such a deeper level.

It’s allowed me to understand where I am most deeply conditioned and where I am acting out of authenticity.

It has allowed me to love myself more for exactly who I am.

That’s why I’m so excited to offer you this 90 minute introduction to HD.

On Tuesday, October 15th at 1:30 PM, I will teach you exactly how to read your own chart. And what is most important to focus on. We will be live together on Zoom and you will have ample opportunity to ask questions.

For only $39 you can start to dive deeper into your authentic self and learn to love that person even more.

It’s such a sigh of relief to find out that the person you’ve been trying to change is the person you’re actually MEANT to be. It’s such a weight off your shoulder to recognize the things that are actually your STRENGTHS!

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You will also get the recording that you can watch over and over and over!

I’m so pumped!!