Dear Sister: An Ode to You

sisterhood, womanhood and motherhood in 2018

Dear sister, do you see me?

I do this for you. I don’t have a real sister. I don’t have a real mother. I’m looking for family in you.

I share my pain so you can lighten yours, I share my story so you can hear yours.

Dear sister, are you my village? My online, digital, semi-anonymous village? I need one. We all do.

Dear sister, I know you’re hurting. Sometimes you can’t feel it because you’ve built the walls up so high.

You don’t know how close you can get because you’re afraid of what we’re saying behind your back. You’re afraid we’re judging you and that we’re just waiting for you to say or do one wrong thing so we can laugh.

Dear sister, I am you.

Dear sister, how can you be the only one responsible for raising the next generation when no one is there to hold you up?

Dear sister, I know you feel the cracks in your foundation, the leaks, the corners that are crumbling.  But I also see you doing what you can to fill those holes and keep it together.

Dear sister, you’re not alone. We all want to be close to you, we’re all just so afraid. How did we get so divided?

Dear sister, I’m afraid to even call you sister because I’m worried you’ll tell me I know nothing about you and I have no right. But none of us are truly that different.

Dear sister, I know you’d do anything for me.  I know you’re standing in the wings waiting for me to ask for your help- but I’m too proud.  And if you do offer it without my request, you’re worried I might not appreciate it. You’re guarded, I’m guarded.

Dear sister, none of us want to need anybody, but we can’t hide that we do. We’re so ready for anyone to need us, but so afraid of the rejection.

Dear sister, we’re trying to come together.  We’re trying to mend the wounds of separation.  We’re trying to be present and to figure out this new world we live in.  We’re all on the cusp of the old ways and the new ways. We’re trying to do it right.

Dear sister, I have faith. I know we’re moving in the right direction. You’re strong and I know you just need to hear it more often. You’re a warrior and a hunter and a soldier of love and protection and shelter.

Dear sister, I’m reaching out to you. I’m giving you a sign. We’re in this together.

Dear sister, I’m afraid of you but I love you and I know we can heal these wounds.

Dear sister, I’m in are you?


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