Natural Cold and Flu Remedies Safe During Pregnancy

Natural cold and flu remedies safe during pregnancy. Milli Fox, Nutritionist & Doula, Toronto-based lifestyle blogger and Youtuber. Wellness advocate for new moms.

Getting sick while pregnant sucks! As a Nutritionist and Doula, expecting my second baby, I have found a great variety of natural cold and flu remedies safe during pregnancy. Being pregnant with a cold doesn’t mean you can’t take anything!

When you are pregnant your immune system is compromised because your body is allowing a foreign life to grow inside of you! So instead of feeling like you have to suffer, you can also use these remedies to boost your immune system to help ward off illness as well.

All of these remedies are great for anyone who is not pregnant too.

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Natural cold and flu remedies safe during pregnancy mentioned:

1. Probiotics –

2. Vitamin D –

3. Zinc –

4. Bee Propolis –

5. Echinacea –

6. Elderberry Gummies –

7. Vitamin C –

8. Liquorice Root Tea –

9. Ginger & Turmeric Tea –

10. Essential Oils – (Use Code: MILLIFOX for 10% off!)

Popular remedies not safe for pregnancy:

1. Colloidal Silver

2. Oil of Oregano

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My Go-To Natural Beauty Products

It’s taken me years and year of experimenting with natural beauty products to confidently be able to share my favourites.

About 7 years ago, I had a mini-breakdown when I got out of the shower and started counting how many products I used in a normal day. I was thinking of how many chemicals I had been lathering onto myself day in and day out without even considering their effects.

That’s when I slowly started to try out natural beauty products and now I’m very excited to share my recommendations with you!

Click the video below to watch, and find the links to each of the products listed below.

Products mentioned in this video are:

1. Green Beaver Antiperspirant:…

2. Niu Body Skincare:…

3. Sukin Facial Exfoliator:…

4. Nude by Nature Makeup:…

5. Jason Powersmile Toothpaste:…

6. Carina Organics Shampoo & Conditioner:…

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Faena Hotel Tour Miami Beach

Miami Beach is our favourite destination of all time!

We had the opportunity to spend a day at the gorgeous and luxurious hotel, The Faena, in Miami back in January and it was such a great experience.

Our key takeaways from our experience:

-it’s a great place to come with a kiddo because they have great choices by the pool for food and room service

-the design is really fun and quirky

-it’s a great splurge to book one night here for a special ocassion

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Out of the Woods

new mother thriving after childhood trauma

I’ve had this dream to write a book for as long as I can remember. I have so many crazy stories to tell, and I’ve come so far. But now that I’m in a place to reflect on it all, it seems a little redundant. I feel as though because I’ve been through it all so many times in my own head, that these stories are old already and not worth re-telling.

Plus, when you are out of the woods an in a more positive place in your life, all that stuff that you once thought was the worst thing in the world tends to not seem quite as bad.

But heres the deal, it was bad. My mom tried to kill me. She came at me with a knife in an oxy-booze induced stupor and told me I was digging my own grave.

Shit like that.

That’s the stuff I keep getting all weird about sharing.

One side of me feels like I should just let it go, and let it be in the past. I am after all, out of the woods now.

Another part of me feels like I would only be sharing these stories for attention, and to be honest, since I’ve been in therapy, that huge need for attention and validation has decreased wildly. Maybe that’s why I haven’t been as intense about Instagram or blogging for the last while because I’m in need of less external validation these days.

But, when it comes down to it, there is the urge to share that comes from a place of truly wanting to help people that never fully goes away.

If I’m sitting on a mountain of these types of stories, it means other people are too. And I’m not saying that everyone should go broadcast all their family’s dirty laundry and tell the world every intimate secret and traumatic thing that happened to them. Hell no I am not.

All I’m saying is that if I share this crap, people will know they aren’t the only ones who don’t have a pretty past. They aren’t the only ones who didn’t have an idillic childhood or healthy relationships with their parents. And maybe, just maybe they’ll start to open up about it to the people who actually matter in their lives. Maybe they’ll seek help. Maybe they will do something for themselves to lift some of that burden, to take off some mental shackles and realize that they can let it go.


I flip flop a lot.

As I get older there are so many parts of my personality that I was sure of that are turning out to be not all that true. Consistency for example, I’m really not great at it. In fact, I loathe it. I LOVE flexibility, so the idea of consistently sitting down and committing to write an entire book on the same “topic” also scares me.

Who knows what I’ll do.

But what I am sure of, is that I’m embracing the urges to share what I want, when I want, how I want. So no, there won’t be a weekly blog or a weekly Youtube video. But there will be something when it counts. There will be a share that comes from my heart, and I’ll try my best to keep sharing what I’ve learned and how I’ve moved on.

I’m in a really great place these days. I’ve made some incredible strides in the last 6 months (thanks Betterhelp app! [not sponsored]) and I’m looking forward to more.

Life is a consistent journey of growth for me. It always will be. I don’t know where I’ll end up but I know I’m meant to share, and I know excellence is part of my life- so, follow along for the ride 🙂

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Forgiveness is Confusing

Milli Fox, Toronto based blogger focused on self help and self love ❤️ You know those times where someone accidentally hurts you and you feel a sudden rush of anger. Maybe they stepped on your toe or banged into your arm, and even though you know they didn’t mean too you’re still pissed. You didn’t deserve that, why were they so careless?

You know it’s illogical to be angry, but that doesn’t stop you from feeling the feelings. It’s almost an automatic response. I’m the victim, I have a right.

I feel as though this situation is parallel in so many ways to when people hurt us emotionally. There are so many factors that play into it, of course, but most of the time (even in the worst ways) people who hurt us emotionally never intended to. It’s the same carelessness, shortsightedness, and self-involvement that causes both types of inflictions.

The people who hurt us are being pushed and pulled by so many other forces that were almost just an unlucky canoe rocking in the wake of their “shit”. I can pretty much guarantee it’s not about you.

Even still, it doesn’t stop us from feeling the hurt, and being pissed.

So, we feel the feelings. We need to. We obviously can’t shove it under the rug. That can only make things worse.

But sometimes we come around to the point of wanting to let it go. We come around to the point of wanting to forgive.

Forgiveness, however, can be a tricky thing. It has been for me, anyway. On one hand, you hear things like “forgiveness will set you free”. But deep inside you fear that giving in and forgiving will dismiss the hurt that was caused.

It almost feels like letting someone off the hook.

Although if we return to the concept I introduced at the beginning of this blog, we can begin to look at it in a similar vein.

We can circle back around to logic, but instead of it all coming from the head- we can also pull from the heart.

In the bigger picture, forgiveness is seeing the situation as larger than just you and the person who hurt you. It’s recognizing that the person who hurt you is much more than all the programming that led them to do so.

Love is that the core of everyone, and to be honest, the most painful part of it all is believing anything otherwise.

Does it not instantly soften you to think of people as inherently good, but just subject to shitty conditions? It does for me.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a still a battlefield in my mind. My ego-self still wants to be pissed. After all, the person I’m working to forgive is the one that was supposed to be my foundational source of safety, my mother. Instead she spent her life derailing mine.

A huge part of me still feels the sting. But when I realize that it’s not just me as my “ego representative” forgiving her “ego representative” and that it’s not me losing, I feel relief. When I realize that it’s the deep seated self that lives at the core of me, under my thoughts, under my wild emotions fueled by hormones and external conditions. The one that’s there in those quiet spaces between the whirlwind of human existence, I feel relief.

When I know that the work I’m doing to forgive is me choosing love over anger, I feel the work is larger than the relationship between her and I alone.

Forgiveness is choosing to recognize that same core in another person, regardless of all the shit that’s built up on top of it over the years. Like a tumbleweed of ca-ca.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean you have to let that person have access to you in the same way ever again. In fact, probably best to learn a bit more about setting healthy boundaries from the experience.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean you have to be “nice” or “friendly” it just has to come from the heart.

Forgiveness is FOR YOU. But it’s also for everyone around you because anger and hate in your heart are never neutral. They ARE hurting someone. Believing people are inherently bad only puts a negative filter on your entire outlook on the world. And when a negative outlook or a bitter heart is your starting point, that will affect every interaction you have with every person you ever encounter, even if it’s just in the most minuscule ways.

I’m not saying you have to open your heart to everyone you pass by- in fact, quite the opposite. People need to earn your trust and the position in your life to have that kind of backstage access.

I’m just saying the work of forgiveness isn’t like a game of tennis where one person ultimately must lose. I think it’s noble work. It’s honourable work. And don’t forget, it is WORK.

It takes time, but all things that are worth it do. So as you rub your funny bone, even though it’s never funny; and you swear under your breath. Have a little chat with yourself about it, or 26463737 chats over several years. But I suggest you keep revisiting the idea, even if you only take tiny steps towards it. A step towards forgiveness is always one in the right direction.

Do you have someone you’re havinf tepuvle forgiving??