How I Really Feel About Having a Second Baby

Milli Fox, Toronto based lifestyle blogger and influencer reflections on her mixed emotions about having a  second baby.

All around me are reminders of the amount my freedom is about to be greatly diminished.  It’s starting to sink in, how I really feel about having a second baby.

I’m so overjoyed about the life I’m carrying inside me. For more reasons that I’m actually willing to share. But one huge one being, I can already feel the healing having a daughter of my own will bring. 

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not expecting my daughter to heal me of any of my past traumas. I’m just saying, due to the fact that I missed out on a healthy mother and daughter relationship combined with the fact that I know I’ve done enough work personally to provide my daughter with the closest thing to that possible, I will be able to have these new, incredible, amazing experiences with a little girl of my own.

So that I can learn and know how beautiful that truly can be. 
I’ve often looked at friends who have this with mothers with envy- so to be able to create a healthy bond with my children will be the biggest honour of my lifetime. 

However, it doesn’t make facing what’s directly ahead of me seem any easier. 

An empty crib, a quiet bedroom. A sleeping toddler. All of these things remind me that stress is about to descend upon me in a major way. 

Will I handle it better this time? Will my marriage fair better this time? 
How much older am I going to look in two years?

Will I make it through the first 6 months, living with my in-laws and this baby with my mental health in tact? 

Will living in the suburbs make me feel even more isolated than I did when I first became a mother?

How will my son take it? How much pain will I feel for him as he sees me divided and ripped away from him? 

Will I resent breastfeeding from day 1 or has it been long enough since I stopped with my son that I’ll feel ok about it for the first while?

Will bottle feeding work this time? Will I be chained to this baby for the first year of its life the same way I was to my son? 

There are so many more questions that I have. Yet so many more things that I feel more sure of this time. 

It’s such a strange feeling. 

I know we don’t all feel this way expecting our second or third child. I see many women that seem full of pure glee and excitement. 

I feel all those things too. I’m so excited to snuggle that tiny body. And to look her in the eye and feel that incredible soul connection.

For the blessing of spending our lives together. 

This is the most important thing in the world. 

But I’m so scared, in such a new way. 

When you head blindly into something like parenthood and you have no idea what to expect, that’s one thing. But an educated fear? Oy. Its a different kind of edge.  That’s why I wanted to share how I really feel about having a second baby, because I’m sure I’m not the only one with these mixed emotions.

So I sit, waiting for the day- a day I’m truly looking forward to, that I become a mama of two. 

I know my heart will grow. Hell, I know I’ll even shit my pants (pants I won’t be wearing). 

But out of it I all, I will expand. 

Motherhood has made me into a person I am so proud of. It’s shown me my true strength and power. It’s shown me my ability for grace, for patience and for transformation. 

Those things never come with a walk in the park. 
So while I’m expecting this journey to be difficult af. I’m excited to come out on the other side of it. 

Here’s to the next 3 years (and a lifetime)! 

XO Milli Fox

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Natural cold and flu remedies safe during pregnancy. Milli Fox, Nutritionist & Doula, Toronto-based lifestyle blogger and Youtuber. Wellness advocate for new moms.

Getting sick while pregnant sucks! As a Nutritionist and Doula, expecting my second baby, I have found a great variety of natural cold and flu remedies safe during pregnancy. Being pregnant with a cold doesn’t mean you can’t take anything!

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That’s when I slowly started to try out natural beauty products and now I’m very excited to share my recommendations with you!

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Our key takeaways from our experience:

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Out of the Woods

new mother thriving after childhood trauma

I’ve had this dream to write a book for as long as I can remember. I have so many crazy stories to tell, and I’ve come so far. But now that I’m in a place to reflect on it all, it seems a little redundant. I feel as though because I’ve been through it all so many times in my own head, that these stories are old already and not worth re-telling.

Plus, when you are out of the woods an in a more positive place in your life, all that stuff that you once thought was the worst thing in the world tends to not seem quite as bad.

But heres the deal, it was bad. My mom tried to kill me. She came at me with a knife in an oxy-booze induced stupor and told me I was digging my own grave.

Shit like that.

That’s the stuff I keep getting all weird about sharing.

One side of me feels like I should just let it go, and let it be in the past. I am after all, out of the woods now.

Another part of me feels like I would only be sharing these stories for attention, and to be honest, since I’ve been in therapy, that huge need for attention and validation has decreased wildly. Maybe that’s why I haven’t been as intense about Instagram or blogging for the last while because I’m in need of less external validation these days.

But, when it comes down to it, there is the urge to share that comes from a place of truly wanting to help people that never fully goes away.

If I’m sitting on a mountain of these types of stories, it means other people are too. And I’m not saying that everyone should go broadcast all their family’s dirty laundry and tell the world every intimate secret and traumatic thing that happened to them. Hell no I am not.

All I’m saying is that if I share this crap, people will know they aren’t the only ones who don’t have a pretty past. They aren’t the only ones who didn’t have an idillic childhood or healthy relationships with their parents. And maybe, just maybe they’ll start to open up about it to the people who actually matter in their lives. Maybe they’ll seek help. Maybe they will do something for themselves to lift some of that burden, to take off some mental shackles and realize that they can let it go.


I flip flop a lot.

As I get older there are so many parts of my personality that I was sure of that are turning out to be not all that true. Consistency for example, I’m really not great at it. In fact, I loathe it. I LOVE flexibility, so the idea of consistently sitting down and committing to write an entire book on the same “topic” also scares me.

Who knows what I’ll do.

But what I am sure of, is that I’m embracing the urges to share what I want, when I want, how I want. So no, there won’t be a weekly blog or a weekly Youtube video. But there will be something when it counts. There will be a share that comes from my heart, and I’ll try my best to keep sharing what I’ve learned and how I’ve moved on.

I’m in a really great place these days. I’ve made some incredible strides in the last 6 months (thanks Betterhelp app! [not sponsored]) and I’m looking forward to more.

Life is a consistent journey of growth for me. It always will be. I don’t know where I’ll end up but I know I’m meant to share, and I know excellence is part of my life- so, follow along for the ride 🙂

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