Milli Fox Life Coach & business coach, success coach, mindset, Toronto, Miami

Milli Fox online life coach, business coach and success coach, Toronto, Miami

I’m Milli Fox and I am SO happy you’re here. It means we are meant to connect! 

A Little About Me:

I’m Milli Fox, I am a multi-passionate, super-driven, forever-learning and ever-expanding individual. I am The Boss-up Babe, Success Coach & Mindset Maven. I am also a writer, speaker, business owner, influencer, you-tuber and a light-a-fire-under-your-asser 😛

My purpose here on earth is to learn how to love myself SO DEEPLY so that I can in turn teach YOU how to do the same.

I believe everything shitty in this world stems from a lack of love, including you not embodying the most true version of yourself and in turn not being able to meet your goals in life. 

Are you not following your desires because you think they aren’t practical enough?

Not fully embodying who you are for fear that you’ll either make others feel bad, or they will judge you?

Not wearing the clothes you really want to, listening the music your really want to, or enjoying the hobbies you really want to because you don’t feel like you’re “allowed” to?

I’m here to cut through all that B*S* and tell you that you are here to do ALL of these things. Your desires are your calling, your preferences are your GUIDE, given to you by a higher power. 

You are here to be exactly and everything you love because YOU ARE LOVE!

I have a bachelors degree in Psychology from York University in Toronto, and hold several coaching certifications. I was also formerly a Personal Trainer and Nutritional Therapist specializing in fertility, as well as a Doula. I am also the owner of a thriving baby carrier business called Junior Foxes.

I taught myself everything I know about running my own business, from growing two social media platforms to a following of over 30K in two years to generating over six figures in the same time frame. I know it’s hard, but you know what the biggest hurdle is? Your old shitty beliefs holding you back!

I am fiercely passionate about the power women hold as WOMEN (not lovelier versions of men) and I believe we can all have the lives we desire, however that looks to you. It doesn’t have to be linear!

My calling is to help turn this sinking ship around. I’m 100% here to help women become the most embodied, delicious and juicy versions of themselves so we can squash the hate that’s currently running the show. ITS OUR JOB TO SAVE THIS WORLD!

I’m so over women shrinking, I’m so over women feeling like they have to be smaller, dimmer and not-worthy of the most colourful version of life possible.

I am a trauma survivor, I come from a history of abuse, neglect and addiction. I’ve been down the dark holes of life and I’ve brought myself back up. I’m healthier, happier and more embodied than ever. My soul is shining and people are constantly telling me how incredible my evolution has been to watch.


I have coached a multitude of women, and I’m here for you if: 

-you’ve been through A LOT in your life and you are ready to shed that shit and shine brighter than ever

-you’re a new mom and you’re not sure exactly how to reclaim that feeling of being “you”

-you know you’re meant for more in this life, and you have big dreams you’ve yet to realize

-you feel the need to make a BIG SHIFT in your life and you know this is a do-or-die situation

I’m so excited to be on this journey with you. I have so much offer!

Milli Fox, life coach and success coach for driven women Toronto, Miami


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Milli Fox online life coach and business coach, success coach and mindset maven Toronto Miami