3 Fears Holding Your Momboss Biz Back

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The truth is, we all have fears. What sets us apart is how we decide to handle them. We have to decide if we are going to let our fears paralyze us or if we are going to recognize them, acknowledge our humanness and then crush them. You don’t have to get over your fears in order to be successful, but you do have to wade through them on order to make it to the other (successful) side. Here are three fears that I guarantee are holding you back , and what you can do about them:

1. The Fear of Failure

Deep down we all doubt ourselves just a little and sometimes probably a lot.  However, I believe that the doubt we foster is learned over a lifetime of hearing people around us telling us to be realistic. They tell us to aim for what they think is more achievable in hopes of sparing us the disappointment of failure. So, it follows that our fear of failure, is also very likely a fear of being judged.

This is a very real fear.

Of course, we want to impress those we care about the most. Of course, we want their approval and support as we undertake something that seems uncertain.  But the truth is- we are doing them a disservice by not following our dreams and not being true to ourselves.  Isn’t it true that we are happier, kinder, more thoughtful and generous people when we feel fulfilled and energized by what we do.

All we do by caring so much about what other people might think about us is hold ourselves back. The thing is, even if we do fail, it gives us a chance to learn. In fact, we learn best from trying, seeing what works and doesn’t, and trying again.  So, if we are to try ten times and fail seven, we’ve done better than we would have if we only tried three and had gotten it right each time. You shouldn’t be afraid of failure; you should look forward to the education it offers.

2. Fear of Wasting Time 

What if it doesn’t work out?  What if I take time away from the career I’ve built and what I’m doing fails.  Won’t I have wasted a ton of time that I could have been spending building my current career and advancing my position?

Well, if you’re on maternity leave- this isn’t a concern at all.  However, if you have gone back to work or you never got maternity leave- this does apply to you. Here’s the reality for everyone- you have time.

You can always go back to the job you had before, you can always go back to school. But if you don’t give your dreams and you passion a fair shot, you can’t do anything about all the time you ACTUALLY wasted doing something that doesn’t light you up daily. You wasted time that you could have been spending being happier. And your happiness is not just about you anymore. Your happiness is your ability to be a better mom, and to be able to give from a full cup to your babies. The only time you’ll be giving up is the unproductive spare time you spend watching Netflix and aimlessly scrolling social media!

3. Fear of Seeming Vain 

Here’s the deal about our new social media culture- it’s just that, new. The thought of taking a selfie in public 5 years ago would have be totally embarrassing, let alone filming yourself daily for public consumption. Being all over social media constantly, posting and commenting several times a day might seem pretty self indulgent or even juvenile. You might even worry that you’re being vain.

The truth is, you’ll get used to it. The most successful people push through the discomfort of learning a new skill and eventually it becomes second nature. If you’re concerned about how you’re going to appear to the general public put your blinders up. You have to keep your eyes on the road and focus on the where you’re headed. Don’t spend too much time thinking about the details of how you might appear and think about the fact that you are busy building something.

The random onlookers have no idea what you’re up to, and you’re not just some teenager posting for your teeny-bopper friends. You are doing something important, you are bringing value to the world and you are following your dreams.

You are your brand. You are learning the skills required to build out that brand, to find the people interested in what you have to offer and building the relationships you need to cash in on that brand equity eventually.

Don’t be distracted by people giving you a side look while you record your insta-story or whatever it is you’re working on. Just get the work done woman! You won’t seem like an ass when you’re killing it!

If you’d like to join a community of like-minded Mompreneurs that can help support you through these fears and help raise you up, I would LOVE to meet you in my Mindful Mompreneur Community on Facebook! CLICK HERE TO JOIN.

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  1. August 2, 2018 / 11:51 pm

    Fantastic words Milli! These are definitely 3 fears that have held me back in the past and still continue to creep in from time to time 😬 (especially #2 and 3). Just knowing that others have these fears too helps me care about them less – definitely #3 – next time I take a selfie for my brand I’m just going to imagine that some of the onlookers are prob feeling self-conscious about doing it too.

    • eatloveevolve
      August 3, 2018 / 1:43 am

      Perfect Jen!! Haha I love that idea to imagine someone else being self conscious. Heck maybe even naked! 😛

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