🎙The Milli Fox Show Ep #6 Channel Your Truth With Emma Tynan

Hellooo, my Divine Sisters!


You may want to listen to this one a few times! There are so many gems in this conversation with Emma – everytime I listen I takeaway something new.

Emma’s journey is one that I think most of us can relate to. You may or may not have cultivated your psychic abilities like Emma, but I can almost guarantee you’ve run from your calling at some point in your life (maybe you’re even doing it right now)! Am I right? (Answer: Yes 😘)

It’s time to step out of the darkness – no more hiding your light! You were given your voice and your gifts for a reason, even if you’re not quite sure what your gifts are yet. It’s time for you to start to embrace your true self.

It won’t always be an easy journey, but I’m here to help you! Let’s manifest your truest, most divine self together.

On this episode of The Milli Fox Show, Milli introduces us to Emma Tynan, Soul-awakening business coach, who mentors womxn to uncover and claim their legacy through owning their own voice. Milli and Emma share a free-flowing conversation around channeling, visibility, and honoring your calling. Tune in to learn how Emma stopped running from her calling and how it changed her life (and how it can change yours too!).


Milli and Emma discuss:

  • How to reach the middle ground of effortless attainment
  • Why Emma’s most used phrase is ‘Your greatest gifts are wrapped within your deepest wounds.’
  • The work required to excavate your gifts
  • The breaking point that led Emma to begin the journey of embracing and cultivating her psychic abilities
  • Their biggest revelations in business (& yes, there’s dancing involved!)
  • The prerequisites to connection and belonging
  • How to create magnetism to your work, brand, truth, and legacy
  • Questions to ask yourself on your journey of unbecoming
  • How to walk the line between feminine and masculine energies
  • Being a channel and how to surrender to the flow


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Milli Fox is a Manifestation Coach and host of The Milli Fox Show podcast.. Milli is obsessed with all things self-worth and manifestation (Think Brené Brown meets Gabby Bernstein with a sprinkle of goofy on top)! Milli’s super power is her ability to clearly see women in their divine perfection and to reflect that back to them. She has a vision for each woman she works with and helps them manifest that vision. Milli has been called to live a big, bold life of luxury in order to expand what women believe is possible for them. Her mission is to raise the collective consciousness and heal generational trauma (emotionally, physically and spiritually) through her coaching, programs, and internet dance parties. Milli is a published author and voracious reader- who would rather be in Miami right now.



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