🎙The Milli Fox Show Ep #13 Creating Energetically Aligned Passive Income With Jamie King

Slay girl, slay!


There’s something SO powerful in hearing the raw, uncut story from a woman who’s experienced the journey of entrepreneur life, and Jamie does NOT hold back.


A mother, wife, and hustler babe who pivoted everything to change the way she was taking care of her family, Jamie’s story of determination and ‘doing it messy’ is something I think every mom/woman in the online space should hear!


As women and entrepreneurs, we sometimes fall into the habit of not giving ourselves credit for what we bring to the table, or feel like we have to hide our pitfalls and imperfections from the world. 


Not here, babay!


As you take the time to listen, embrace Jamie’s message as a reminder that true empowerment is to be in your beautiful messiness as a human and allow other people to see that it’s possible too.

Oh, and if you have little ones – pop those headphones in. #SwearyMom 😘


The Slay Coach is in the house! On this episode of The Milli Fox Show, Milli interviews Jamie King. A top business educator and passive income coach, Jamie has worked with fortune 50 companies and has taught 300+ 6/7 figure digital CEOs how to ETHICALLY make money in the online space. Milli and Jamie discuss how Jamie hit 10k months immediately after her rebrand and multiple 6 figures in her first year! Hit the play button to hear how to build your business in an energetically protective way, setting you up for long-term success – minus the burnout!


Milli and Jamie dive into:

  • Jamie’s journey to a true freedom lifestyle
  • What she learned from her time in the corporate world
  • The spark that lit her entrepreneurial fire
  • Jamie’s definition of passive income
  • How Jamie recovered from burnout after her first 7 figure year
  • Working from home with littles
  • Marketing vs. Kale (Believe us, you want to hear this!)
  • Creating a Win-Win-Win in your products
  • Why ‘Quit Your Job’ isn’t Trauma-informed
  • How to build your business in a way that protects your energy and provides sustainable income

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