🎙The Milli Fox Show Ep #10 How To Reconnect To Your Essence With Corinne Mickeler Kaye

Hey, guys

We talk a loooot of ‘self’ in this one: essence, self-care, self-work, self-image. One ‘self’ word we’re leaving out of this equation? Self-ish. 

That’s right! Ultimately, how we respond and interact with the world arounds us stems from our feeling of connectedness (or disconnect!) from self. That’s why it’s so important to have conversations like these to make sure we’re continually grounding back into our essence. 

When better understanding yourself has such a major impact on how you relate to the people you care about most, it’s anything but selfish!

So do yourself a favor, pop in some headphones, grab a journal to write down your reflections, and listen in to remember how to connect to your essence. It will change your life!

The dancing duo have arrived! On this episode of The Milli Fox Show, Milli interviews Corinne Mickler-Kaye, creative entrepreneur and mama who utilizes dance, Human Design, Beliefetics, and feminine energetics to help women return to their true essence. Milli and Corinne dive into  the layers of true self-image work, and what it means to lean into trust and the mystery of our bodies. Listen in to hear how Corinne helped guide Milli through her son’s Human Design to help him process his emotions at a very young age.


Milli and Corinne discuss:

  • How society tries to disconnect us from our essence
  • What they think is missing from women’s lives
  • Why your self-care practice isn’t working 
  • Corinne’s definition of essence
  • The various centers of Human Design
  • Not-Self themes and how to use them to connect back to your essence
  • Why we resort to living in our minds after trauma
  • Corinne’s journey through Human Design and self-image work
  • What reconnecting to your body can do for your energy
  • How Human Design can help you better understand yourself and relate to the people you care about most.


Want more of Corinne? Connect with her here:

Corinne Mickler-Kaye | Instagram

Corinne Mickler-Kaye | Facebook



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