Milli Fox online life coach, business coach and success coach, Toronto, Miami

I’m Milli Fox, I’m a fun loving, goofy, but also very serious book-worm, you-tuber, and Momboss Coach who also loves all things woo-woo, natural beauty products and travelling. I also really like run-on sentences 😛

I’m a Toronto native, who also has lived in K-W, Niagara & Durham Region, but me and my little family like to spend as much time as we possibly can in warm destinations. Miami being our absolute favourite! Can COVID please go away now so we can go back?!

My purpose here on earth is to learn how to love myself SO DEEPLY so that I can in turn teach other women how to do the same. My aim is to hep as many women possible live the lives they were made for! Sometimes I do that through making fun of myself, dancing, having serious heart-to-hearts on IGTV or through my workshops and coaching programs.

My professional journey thus far has included studying Psychology at York University, as well as pursuing certifications in Personal Training and Nutrition. Before diving into the world of entrepreneurship, I spent most of my time focusing on the health and well being of new and expecting mothers. I studied pre and post natal fitness and I worked with nutrition clients to optimize their fertility. I also offered postpartum doula services until I was 9 months pregnant with my first kiddo!

After having my son, Rosen, in 2017 I dove into the role of Business Owner and started my own line of designer baby carriers called Junior Foxes. Now, with my baby girl Goldie on my hip, you can find me running Junior Foxes and coaching other badass moms on how to get out of their own way so they can live their lives the way they’ve always wanted to.

Some of my other passions include yoga, all things in the spiritual realm (like tarot cards, astrology and human design), reading personal development, spirituality and business books, cooking healthy treats, and trying out new all-natural beauty and personal care products. And whenever I get the chance, exploring luxury hotels and experiences with my hubby Junior Fox and our kiddos.

I’m also super passionate about supporting local, women-run businesses!

Come hang with me on the Gram, or Tiktok or shoot me an email if you want to connect:

Milli Fox, life coach and success coach for driven women Toronto, Miami